Tips for Effective Pest Reduction

You hear people say all the time that preventative maintenance is the key to avoiding expensive damage that otherwise could have been prevented. This applies to roof upkeep, insulation check-ups, plumbing leaks detection, pest control, and more. Even though mice and rats can be a real pain for homeowners, getting rid of them once they make themselves at home in your abode can be very difficult. So, a pest reduction professional would like to advise you what to do to prevent a rodent invasion:

  • Clean the crawl space; Whether your residence has an attic or not, keeping it swept and well-organized will pay off. Toss out the junk and clean the entire space. Sweep the floor, remove all the cobwebs, and other debris. If you already have rodents, you will see their droppings and sense the foul odor of urine and feces. So, try to keep all those areas well-organized and clutter-free.

  • Address all defects; Check your attic and crawl space for any holes, gaps, cracks, etc. Look everywhere inside and out. Examine the condition of all the walls and ceilings. If you see any holes, no matter how small, fill them immediately with a special filler you can buy from the nearest store.

  • Clean the yard; Now you can go outside. To prevent mice and rats from appearing in your property, you should remove clutter and throw away any garbage. Please have in mind that these little creatures can hide in really small-sized gaps underneath or behind your firewood, in small foundation gaps, or in holes in the soil around your fence. So, you have to inspect your yard thoroughly not giving these dangerous pests a chance to hide and thrive.

  • Trim your trees; Trees can make a landscape look beautiful, but they can also attract rodents. You have to trim all branches that provide access to your roofing system.


If you have doubts about a rodent problem in your abode, you better call the specialists from Alternative Exterminating. They have a substantial amount of knowledge to deal with all kind of pests. With us, you will receive efficient pest reduction at affordable rates. If you live in Cape May Court House, NJ and wish to know more, just dial (609) 465-9741.

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