For Successful Termite Pest Control


So, you live in a small and modest wooden house with your loved ones. You have made yourself at home in a nice and calm neighborhood and it seems like nothing can ruin your family idyll. But there is one big threat you should take into consideration – termites. No doubt, thousands of people get scared only thinking about that word. How can you prevent such an invasion and ensure successful pest control on your property?

Please be advised that spring is the time when these little creatures emerge to mate and create new colonies. All wooden homes, fences, and anything else made of organic matter is in danger. Termites can literally eat an entire house often without its owners even knowing about their presence. So, to eliminate such a huge risk, you can:

  • Remove any moisture from your yard; These little sneaky pests thrive in moist places underground where they build their kingdoms. So, by eliminating all ponds, standing water, landscape water features, and more, you will make their life under your home difficult.

  • Remove the clutter; Termites love to hide in dark and moist places. Try to keep your yard clean and uncluttered. Remove all old decaying logs, deadwood, and also check the condition of your living trees.

  • Address all roof problems; By repairing leaky fascias and soffits, and replacing all rotten roof shingles, you will significantly reduce their chances of survival.

  • Inspect the foundation of your home periodically; Termites often leave traces behind, like mud tubes and places that sound hollow, for example. By scheduling annual inspections with a professional contractor, you can be sure you live in a home safe from these annoying intruders.

  • Check all wooden door and window frames for termite presence; Another effective pest control technique is to monitor the condition of your windows, doorframes, and trim. Check them occasionally for termite wings.


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