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Is it that time of the year again when those unwanted “guests” start to invade your property? Taking maintenance measures and looking for a professional exterminator is important. Take precautions early in the season and it is Alternative Exterminating’s duty to take care of the pests before they get too comfortable in your homes or rentals. You can take advantage of our exterminator service in the entire Cape May Court House, NJ and many of the surrounding areas.  Stay on this page for more detailed information about what we do.

Pest Control Experts

Turn To a Pro

When you have to deal with a pest invasion, you do not have to fight it alone. A professional pest control company can take the stress away, taking care of the issue using safe and effective methods. If you are tired of worrying about your pest issue, it is time to let the professionals at Alternative Exterminating take over. Using specialized equipment and products, we guarantee reliable and safe solutions. We are known for our prompt services, affordable rates, and reliability. You can’t go wrong with opting for our assistance! Keep reading to learn how you can benefit from our services and what are our exact offers are!

Let Us Protect Your Home

We strive to protect your property and prevent those uninvited guests from setting up permanently. Not only do our pest control services vary depending on your specific situation but we also try to provide you with tips to control your living environment.

Most of the pests are just a nuisance but there are some that can damage your property (wood-destroying insects for example). This is why we provide efficient termite treatment as well. We will help you by performing an inspection and then figure out what can be done for 100% efficiency. Feel free to contact us whenever you have any concerns and questions, we are always glad to help in any way possible.

Pest Control Tips

We would like to highlight a few tips you can find useful in order to keep your living environment pest-free. For most pests, the first order of business is reducing water and food sources as well as harborage areas. Basically, this means to keep basic hygiene. Always make sure you keep your food items well sealed, regularly check your pipes condition in order to prevent leaks.

Another important rule of thumb is not to interfere with the treatment proposed and provided by your pest control specialist. Our pest control company does not just spray or squirt here or there. We use the localized crack and crevice treatment along with baiting either by bait stations or gel baits. You should not use other over-the-counter products after we have performed a treatment.

Alternative Exterminating’s goal is to help you provide comfortable, pest-free environment. If you live in or around the Cape May Court House, NJ area and need reliable and effective pest solutions, give us a call if you have any questions or specific problems. We are always glad to speak with you!

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